Working with Legislation and State Officials...

Since its formation, the KBA has worked with the KDWP&T to establish the first archery antelope season, a fall archery turkey season, extending shooting hours, multiple permits, legal harvest of bullfrogs with bow and arrow, and introducing/co-sponsoring the International Bowhunter Education Program statewide.

Our "Bounty Against Poaching" program has gained national recognition, as well as serving as a standard for other sportsmen's organizations within our state.

The KBA has been actively involved in fighting the anti-hunting movement. Along with monitoring this movement in Kansas, we have been active in several other states through monetary donations. The KBA is a member of, and supports the U.S. Sportmen's Alliance. This organization is the single most important collection of bowhunting defenders in the nation.

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Anti-Poacher Reward Fund:
The KBA created the Anti-poacher Reward Fund in 1975. The program has gained national recognition as well as served as a standard for other sportsmen’s organizations within our state. The program initially paid $100.00 (we have since raised that amount up to $500.00) to any individual that provided information leading to the arrest and conviction of persons poaching or illegally possessing big game. (All KBA members and law enforcement officials are exempt from the reward.) To date, 33 rewards have been paid out for a total of $4,000.00 dollars.

KBA Decoy Program:
The KBA Decoy Program was started in 1986 to contribute money or actual big game decoys to the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks. Each year a different region is designated to receive a contribution, so that the decoys are spread throughout the state. These decoys have been used by the KDWP in literally hundreds of convictions against wildlife offenders. To date, the KBA has donated $11,550.00 to have approximately 50 decoys made.

Conservation Day:
Conservation Day
was initiated in 1994 because the KBA wanted to put something back into nature rather than just taking from it. The idea of purchasing trees and getting together as an organization and planting them in worthy areas was implemented. Not only is this a very worthy cause, it gives our members a very strong sense of well being and pride. It is also an excuse to get together as a group and have a great time. We are the first, and at this time, the only state organization that has a program like this. So far we have spent over $10,000.00 to plant over 200,000 bare root seedlings and 50,000 stratified seeds on public wildlife areas around the state of Kansas. In 1995 the KBA was named Conservation Organization of the Year by the Kansas State Forestry Association.

International Bowhunter Education Program:
The KBA has been very active in the International Bowhunter Education Program since its beginning. We have many certified volunteer instructors in our membership who teach several classes each year. We strongly support education in every form and feel that Bowhunter Ed is especially important to our youth of today. We feel that there is a tremendous amount of knowledge and skill required to become a proficient bowhunter and that safety should never be compromised at any time, especially in order to just receive a license.

KBA Scholarship Program:
At the annual banquet in 2007 the KBA awarded its first annual scholarship. Each year The Kansas Bowhunters Association Scholarship Program presents a scholarship of $500.00 to a KBA member or a dependent of a member. This sum is payable to the college that the student chooses upon proof of enrollment. Some of the Criteria involves, Act or SAT results, grade point average, volunteer activities, a paper on conservation and bowhunting, and bonus points for conservation major or minor/ and outdoor interests or bowhunting experience.

Physically Challenged Bowhunters of America:
The KBA has been a very large and active supporter of the Physically Challenged Bowhunters of America. The PCBA was formed in 1993 to assist disabled individuals learn how to use a bow and arrow and to enable them to get back into the outdoors and hunt. The PCBA is a national 501C3 organization that is comprised of over 700 members throughout North America. That organization is a clearinghouse for information and hands on help for disabled persons. It has helped thousands of people become active in bowhunting, which in turn has literally saved many lives. The KBA came on board helping the PCBA in its infancy and became a model for other state organizations to follow. Not only has the KBA donated $4350.00 dollars to this fine organization, many of the KBA members have personally attended several of the PCBA activities and hunts just to help out at their own expense. The KBA has twice been named Organization of the Year by the PCBA.

Judy Kovar Hunting Heritage School Program:
For several years the KBA has donated to Judy Kovar’s Hunting Heritage Schools Program. Each year Judy goes around to different schools in the country and shows students many different traits, habits, and heritage of the Native Americans. She brings along animal hides, primitive bows and arrows, clothing, etc. so the children can touch and feel the different cultures of the Native American Indian. The KBA has donated $3650.00 dollars to Judy and her program.

Fort Dodge Fish Stocking Program:
In 2005 the KBA decided to donate money to a different kind of worthy project that dealt with a cause that was not related to hunting or big game. We started supporting the Fort Dodge Fish Stocking Program. We chose to help out some elderly veterans that reside at Fort Dodge, Kansas by donating money to stock fish in their local pond. To date we have donated $800.00 dollars to stock 775 pounds of fish so our veterans can enjoy fishing in their retirement years.

Archery in Schools:
The KBA first heard of the Archery in Schools Program in the spring of 2005. We immediately contacted the KDWP to offer our support to what we think is a very necessary addition to Kansas schools. We feel like there will be an excellent opportunity for children who have no experience with the outdoors or hunting to come into contact with a sport that may later lead to a passion of bowhunting in the outdoors. We are very ready and willing to offer not only monetary support but physical support as well.

Other Programs of Interest:
The KBA has contributed to many other deserving projects throughout the years also. We have contributed money to other states to help fight anti-hunting forces such as in New Jersey, Oregon, California, Arizona and Colorado to name a few. We were a major contributor to Camp Ripley’s Deer Study Wounding Group, conducted by Dr. Dave Samuel and West Virginia University. We are also a member and supporter of the US Sportsman’s Alliance and the North American Bowhunting Coalition.

It is a conservative estimate that the KBA has donated well over $40,000 dollars throughout the years to some very worthy and worthwhile causes.



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